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We can’t go back to normal,Because normal got us here.Sold us lies,Disguised as dreams.And divided us with fear. We can’t go back to normal,When normal is a mythA fairy-tale,To comfort us.As we’re led to the abyss. We can’t go back to normal,Our normal was a trap.Conforming us,To fit a mould.That they can fill with crap. […]

VCV Rack Experiment 002: Fading Between Trigger Streams

Categories: Music

The idea of being able to build a modular system, set it going, and get something interesting and musical out of it without any further input from the user has a deep fascination for me. I keep mulling over ideas of how musically coherent pieces can be created purely from the interactions of the parts […]

VCV Rack Composition X: Multiplcatified Randomation

Categories: Music

Generative piece using the clock multiplication technique I’ve been playing with. Turned out quite nice. My better half even found it listenable. Many thanks to Colin Benders, and the crew over on the Modular Madness Discord for the inspiration, tips, and pointers. Patch: is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator […]

VCV Rack Experiment 002: Randomness from a Clock Multiplier, part 1

Categories: Music

Inspired by Colin Benders’ livestream yesterday I had a go at reproducing the randomness he was generating toward the end of the stream using a clock multiplier. It’s not quite the same but with a little more tweaking… Patch: is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve been playing […]

VCV Rack Composition IX: There is Something in the Dark Here With Me

Categories: Music

I’m waiting here for someone. It’s pitch black and I can’t see my hand in front of my face. There is something in the dark here with me… Patch: is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve been playing with for a month or two. K

VCV Rack Experiment 001: Plaits LFO Delayed Vocalisations

Categories: Music

I stripped out the ‘vocal’ voice from the last patch and started playing with it. This is only three and a half minutes, I could run it for hours and it would always be different. There are hints at a rhythm in there on occasion and the higher register vocalizations really make me chuckle, much […]

VCV Rack Composition VIII: The Loss of the Intangible, and it’s Mourning

Categories: Music

For the first time I felt like I was actually ‘performing’ during the recording of this patch, rather than just turning knobs and pushing buttons. The Pads are sequenced internally in VCV with the bass sequenced by the Beatstep Pro. Textures and ‘vocal’ effects provided by Clouds and Plaits (or their software equivalents at least) […]

VCV Rack Composition VII: Broken Breaks

Categories: Music

I spotted a post in the VCV Rack Official User Group on Facebook earlier today that created cool Aphex Twin/Squarepusher style breakbeats from a fairly small number of modules and a few samples. Thanks to Masterseek for the inspiration, and you can find his video demo here K is a free and open source […]

VCV Rack Composition VI: Gen 001

Categories: Music

Wanted to chill a bit with something more ambient and generative. The tension and palpable disquiet in the world at the moment can be quite oppressive and exhausting. Nothing sequenced, all I’m controlling with the BSP are the mutes and volumes. K is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve […]