Caldari Level 4 Epic Mission Arc Guide – Missions 1 to 3

The Guide: Introduction>Missions 1 to 3<Surviving lo and nul-sec travel -More to come

Resources: Character Details – Ship Fittings (coming soon) – PDF Download (Coming Soon)

Mission 1

Fig 1

A simple ‘Go here and talk to this person’ mission, involving a one jump trip from Josameto to Poinen to talk to Katsen Isha. The station will be bookmarked in the usual fashion. Talking to Katsen Isha completes the mission. The item you are given is part of a dossier giving some information about Katsen Isha and does not get removed from your cargo/hangar.

Mission 2

Fig 2

A simple cargo run which you have to transport a 3m3 container of Questionable Cargo back to Josameto. Talking to Katsen Isha once you reach your destination will get you the mission details for mission 3.

Mission 3

Fig 3.1

The first combat mission of the Arc. This mission asks you to retrieve one unit of S.I. Formula Sheet from a hidden facility in Obanen. 2 jumps from Josameto and one from Poinen.

The NPCs in this mission are Serpentis so setting up your tank for Kinetic and Thermal damage is advisable. Serpentis are also weaker to Kinetic and Thermal damage so select appropriate ammunition.

Upon reaching Obanen warp to the mission area, which is not gated, and you will be met with the following view:

Fig 3.2

The majority of the large collidable structures are parked transport ships from a variety of factions. The Structure out on its own in the brown cloud with a cargo canister floating next to it is not your target, and none of the ships contain any loot. Your main target is the Research Station but don’t attack it just yet. We have NPCs to deal with first.

There is a group of 6 battleships and 2 cruisers waiting for you when you warp in. As shown below:

Fig 3.3

The group comprises 4 Core Admirals, a Core High Admiral, a Core Grand Admiral and 2 Corelum Guardian Chief Infantry. There’s no ECM in this wave and the High Admiral, Grand Admiral and Guardian Chiefs will close range while the Admirals will remain fairly stationary. As noted in the image above, destroying the Grand Admiral triggers the next wave, so it may be prudent to leave it till last.

If you’re using drones for the first wave (I didn’t) recall them to your drone bay before destroying the Grand Admiral or they will be targeted by the next wave.

Note: I was certain that I’d captured a screen of the second wave before I blew them up but from the next image it is obvious that I didn’t. I will list the ships that spawned however.

Fig 3.3

By a process of elimitation I have determined that Wave 2 comprised the following NPCs:

  • 1 Core Admiral
  • 4 Core High Admirals
  • 2 Coreli Guardian Patrollers (Sensor Dampening)
  • 2 Other frigate NPCs (no way to tell exactly what they are from their wrecks.)

As noted in the list above and Fig 3.3 the Coreli Patrollers will use sensor dampening which will reduce your targeting range, being NPC rats though they are pretty stupid and approach within targeting range (even when damped) so they can be dispatched fairly easily.

Destruction of the last High Admiral in Wave 2 triggers the third wave which comprises the following:

  • 4 Core Rear Admirals
  • 2 Corelum Guardian Chief Infantry
  • 2 Corelum Guardian Chief Sentinel
  • 3 Coreli Guardian Protector
  • 1 Coreli Guardian Defender
  • 1 Coreli Guardian Scout

There’s no E-war in this wave.

Once you’ve dealt with the original NPCs and the waves that they trigger, turn your attention to the Research Facility. Once you have it down to about 50% shields a small wave of frigate NPCs will spawn as shown in the image below (Note there are some rats left over from previous wave in this image, there are no battleships spawned by attacking the facility)

Fig 3.4

This small wave is made up of the following:

  • 5 Coreli Guardian Guards
  • 3 Coreli Guardian Safeguards

Once these frigates are dealt with you can continue to pound on the Research Facility which will eventually explode and leave behind 2 cargo containers, Your mission objective is in one of them, collect it and return to Poinen and report to Katsen Isha for your reward.


From the first three missions I made approx 23 million in mission rewards and bounties, the highest reward being for mission 3 at 5 million ISK for the standard rewards and another million or so for the bonus.

Moving On

Once you return to Katsen Isha you are given a choice of which path to take. I fave not yet made that choice and am leaving it to you. I’ll be using Twitter to tally votes and you can tweet a reply to @mandrill with the hashtag #loepic, #hiepic, or #nulepic to cast your vote.

As you may have gathered the choice is between travelling into lo, hi or nul security space to continue the arc, and looking at the voting so far it looks like I’ll be heading into the depths of 0.0 for my next mission.

You have until 6pm on Sunday 26th December to cast your vote as that is when I’ll be moving on to the next stage of the Arc.

M out