Been fiddling a bit more with a des…

Been fiddling a bit more with a design I posted previously. Got a bit carried away maybe.

The Week in Review: 22/10/2011

What a week. Lets start with last Friday and work our way forwards.

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EVE Online CEO Interviewed by Eurogamer

Eurogamer interviewed CCP’s CEO yesterday evening, a day after the layoffs were announced. What did he have to say, and what do I think of it? Hit the jump to find out.

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EVE Online: CCP Lay Offs


CCP Flies its Flag at Half MastYesterday was a bad day. I’m still reeling so this post might not be all that coherent.

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Testing Google+ Crossposting Plugin…

Testing Google+ Crossposting Plugin. Please ignore.
Unless such a thing interests you of course 😉

Google+ Crossposting. Imports your public Google+ activities in your WordPress blog. Description; Installation; FAQ; Screenshots; Changelog; Stats. Installation is pretty standard. Just upload the plu…

Rock Radio Farewell Tour 2011

Well, more of a one off party and what a party.

My ears, throat and head are complaining, but you know what? I really don’t care. I’ll freely admit that I’m not capable of a lengthy post at the moment, I keep getting distracted by the whistling of my damaged ears. So here are some photos.


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EVE Online Dev Blog Breakdown – Special Edition

So, its finally happened. The head honcho of CCP, Hilmar Veigar Petursson, has responded to the disastrous events of the last 6 months. Here’s my take on it:

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I’m off to Access a Playstation

In preparation for the release of Dust 514, the console FPS which will tie into the EVE universe, I’m going to be getting a PS3.

To this end I thought it might be an idea to find out a bit about the console and the games which will be coming out on it. It would be a bit daft to buy a console for just the one game (and the fact that it’s a fairly decent deal when you consider that it comes with a blu-ray player).

Thankfully I can do this without trawling the internet and subjecting myself to the fanboy ravings of the various console gaming sites as I have the good fortune to be attending one of the Playstation Access events which have been taking place across the UK over the last couple of months. I’ll be going to the Glasgow Playstation Access event being held next weekend at the Glue Factory in Maryhill.

While I don’t expect to find out an awful lot about Dust at this event, it will give me the opportunity to try out a few other games, and quiz various Sony people about the future of the console in the face of a resurgence of PC gaming and services like Gakai and OnLive. It will also hopefully give me a chance to get some hands on time with the console itself, something I have yet to do. The last Playstation I owned was a PS1 and while I’m sure that there’s a lot that is similar about the experience, the PS3 is two generations removed from its little grey ancestor so there will be a few differences.

After the events earlier this year Sony has been fighting to reassure consumers that their network security is up to scratch so I’ll be looking at that. I’ll also be meeting up with former EVE TV anchor StevieSG, who left CCP earlier this year and now works as one of Playstation’s European ambassadors.  So if you’re an EVE player who doesn’t yet own a PS3 and is thinking about getting one to participate in Dust, keep your eyes peeled for a post or two about the console and my experience of it after the event.

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