Prisoners of Fear

You think you can define me,
With a single simple word?
You think you can confine me,
And keep me within the herd?
Your simple lying pigeonholes,
like geek and dork and nerd.
Just can’t contain the me I am,
Or my intellectual world.

I’m here to say
That’s not the way
That things are going to be from here.
You bred us,
Led us,
Lied to us.
Kept us prisoners of fear.

You think that you’ll survive this,
When we rise to claim our rights?
You think that you can fight this,
With your military mights?
You believe that all your money,
will see you through the night?
When we come to smash your windows,
and expose you to the light.

I’m here to call,
For your downfall,
And the end of your imagined fears.
You’ll hear us,
fear us,
It’s clear to us,
Your ending begins here.

We don’t have all the answers
and the outcome is not sure.
But we will not live in slavery,
nor serfdom we’ll endure.
Your sickness it will kill us,
If we don’t enact a cure.
We can’t be free while you still rule,
And your motives are impure.

I’m here to cry,
unto the sky.
For a future, bright and clear.
It lifts us,
lights us,
calls to us,
It’s a future without fear.

Keith Neilson, November 2013

New year, same old me.

Nosce Te Ipsum

While many take the opportunity to reinvent themselves at the turn of the year. striving to follow societal norms that are increasingly meaningless. I, on the other hand, look back on the past year, at my trials and triumphs, and try to figure out what I’ve learned about myself.

You see, we don’t need a new ‘me’, we simply need to learn to know the existing one better and be accepting of our talents and limitations, recognising where they can be improved, or stretched.

You don’t need a new you, the you you are is perfect as it is. Get to know it.