I: Sinusotic Chaotica


The Cosmos ends, as it always does, with an extended whimpering of energy. The heat fades, matter decays and fragments. Differentials lose their difference and all becomes one. Motionless, heatless, lightless. At peace.

The last ripples from the last dying supermassive singularities flow out and out, until finally there is nothing left to flow through. The dying gasp of a universe, breathing out into the infinite abyss.

A final order is imposed. Entropy ceases as there is no more chaos to tame. With no change, no motion, no diversity of energies. Time becomes meaningless and every instant identical.

It ends, as all things must when they stagnate in their similarity. The life of the cosmos is change and difference, it only ends when everything is the same and the diversity is gone.

Sinusotic Chaotica, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered canvas prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from webmandrill.deviantart.com

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