May Update

Hello, and welcome to the first of hopefully many monthly update posts.

These posts will be published on the last day of the month they cover, or the first day of the next and will roughly coincide with the release of the monthly newsletter. In these posts you will find all the latest information and announcements from the preceding month; galleries of the month’s finished sketches, lineart, and any fully finished pieces that I’ve gone on to colour myself; and possibly other artists I’ve encountered on my trawlings of the social web.

So, now that the introductions are dealt with, on with the content!

So, That Was May…

May will be a bit different from the following months, as I’m still finding my feet and getting processes and routines nailed down. So far the production rules I’ve set for myself regarding the sketches seem to be working well, and it makes archiving my work easier as a built in side-effect.

I’ve worked out a way of archiving my monthly sketches in galleries which I can simply call an instance of, rather than having to create a new gallery for every post. WordPress shortcodes are a pretty powerful resource.

I’ve got a workflow that gets me from sketch to lineart, that will need refinement and streamlining, as well as the application of a bit of self-discipline. The time from sketch to lineart is becoming a bit of a concern as I seem to only be able to output two or three lined pieces a month. Now that I’m not colouring them though things should speed up a bit. Nucleotidic Conjoination (C1-O01-VI) was the first that I stopped at the lineart with, and I’m going to give it a month to see if my output increases.

Work on the Patreon page progresses, haltingly. I’m having trouble with the text for the ‘About’ section, and wouldn’t know where to start with a video. I’m also at a loss as to what to offer for higher tiers. The basic $1 tier will get patrons access to the lineart, and I have an idea that I’m playing with for the higher tiers but I’d like to be able to offer something a bit more. The banner (see above) needs a little more work I think, it gets a little indistinct towards the edges.

I hope to go live with my Patreon sometime in June, so lookout for an announcement in your email inbox 🙂


Finished Sketches:

Finished Lineart

(The first 7 Lineart pieces are available as a FREE download from here)

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