June Update

Hello, and welcome to the June update post.

Another month of doodling, getting lineart finished and finally posting some product for sale. Read on for more information…

June Milestones


I had hoped to have my Patreon up and running by the end of June but I’m still struggling with the about text and am not sure about starting off with only patron tier. I am investigating other things I could offer as rewards for higher tiers of patronage, but many of my ideas would require an initial outlay which I can’t currently afford to make. The dilemma is between opening my Patreon up with limited rewards in order to build the capital to invest in higher tiers, or hold off until I can come up with higher tier rewards that don’t need as much in the way of outlay. I’ll definitely come to a decision soon and will obviously announce the launch when it happens.

Store & Products

You’ll notice that I have posters available to buy on the website. I think I have everything set up properly but have yet to make a sale so can’t be certain. Please do let me know if you have any issues. I’ll be adding more product to the store as I develop it. I have another poster ready to go and will be working on developing other knick-knacks over time. Some of the product ideas I’m considering:

  • Packs of pre-printed A3 colouring sheets.
  • Calendars
  • More Posters
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • T-shirts and other clothing

Do let me know of any items that you’d like to see my designs on either by email or in the comments.

June Sketches & Lineart

Sketching is slowing down as the level of detail and the complexity of the layouts increase. As my confidence and ability grows, the doodles I’m producing are becoming more and more intricate and detailed. While I’m tempted to start working on larger doodles, working in my current Moleskines means that they remain portable and available to do a little work on whenever I have a spare minute.

So here are this months finished Sketches:

And these are the finished lineart pieces that will be available to Patreon supporters once it’s up and running:

#9 Cubicular
#7 Interglobularised Connectivation
#6 Nucleotidic Conjoination
#8 Waveform

It’s looking like I’ll be able to have 4 or 5 pieces of new lineart finished in a month, so patrons will get access to all of those as they are finished for the very reasonable price of a dollar a month.

Progress with The Plan

The ultimate, long-term, goal is to turn my doodling into a reliable income stream. Initial progress towards this is slow and is still very much in the planning and experimentation stages.

Doodling continues, though maybe at a less prolific pace, and progress turning those doodles into lineart is also continuing. I’ve got the production process pretty much sorted I think, and it is now simply a case of fitting in time to develop products and do the general admin required of keeping this blog, my facebook and other bits and pieces up to date.

I am beginning to resent the time that my employment takes away from being able to doodle and do all the auxiliary work that goes with setting up and launching something like this, but, I will have to persevere for the time being. I am coming to terms with the idea that I will be basically doing two jobs, as well as keeping up the doodling and vectoring, for which the second job is needed in order to monetise the output. If anything is going to burn me out, it’s having too much admin to do, which is why I’m very open to suggestions for how to streamline it. Email or comment as usual.

I’m also trying to squeeze time in to learn new drawing and creating techniques; figure out the engineering of creating sculptures from my work; develop a fiction, or fictions, around my other work. That’s a lot of plates, forgive me if a few wobble 😉

So that’s it for another month, I will try and post more frequently but as I mention above, finding time is tricky with all the other plates I have in the air.

M out


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