I am Keith Neilson

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A new blog. The initial intimidation of an empty website, and the daunting task of creating things to fill it with. Art, Music, Writing, Thinking. Anything goes, and most of it will be crap. You have been warned.

VCV Rack Composition V: Take Noh

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Something with a bit more structure this time. Building on ideas gained from extensive YouTube viewing and finally making use of the BeatStep Pro to control the patch while recording. Is this Techno? Maybe not. K VCVrack.com is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve been playing with for a month […]

VCV Rack Composition IV: Plucky Little Thing

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Another composition arising from watching Omri’s videos. This stemmed from a video covering the features of The Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator (based on Mutable Instruments hardware Plaits eurorack module) Again, I had not yet invested in my BeatStep Pro at this point, so the manipulation and performance was all done with the mouse. K VCVrack.com […]