About Me

I am Keith Neilson.

Well, I would have hoped that much was obvious, but who is this entity that most of you will only know through my projection of myself as a collection of pixels on a screen.

Not even I will have a complete answer to that question. We are all works in progress after all and none can say they are wholly complete. This site will chronicle my continuing formation as an individual, hopefully who I am will become apparent through whatever I publish here.

What can I say for certain about myself?

I’m 39, I read, I write, I imagine, I play games and watch movies. I think way too much than is probably good for me, and sometimes I vomit this thinking onto the internet.

This page is where some of that vomitus ends up. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

What’s What?

Posts are simply all the random blog posts that I decide to put up. These could be anything from random thoughts or short quotes to repostings of FB comments that I’m particularly proud of. Anything under this heading will be tagged to give a better idea of the content.

Stream will be where my Twitch stream and associated information will reside. I only know for certain one thing that I plan to be streaming but anything else to do with my streams or more random streams will end up in here too.

Articles is where my longer form and less ephemeral writing will reside. Essays, fiction, and poetry that I consider to be complete and finished will go in here, again tagged to provide more detail as to the content.

Merch will be an online merch store with various bits and pieces featuring designs and artwork created by my own fine hand. I don’t expect to sell very much but what I do sell will go towards upgrading this site from free hosting to a paid hosting service.

Technical Information

This website is hosted on an Awardspace.com free hosting package, which I hope to upgrade in future, and runs the latest version of WordPress. I’m still deciding which streaming/recording software to use but will provide details here once that decision is made.

I’ve not reached a decision one way or the other regarding advertising and want to avoid advertising things which are patently rubbish or click-bait. I also don’t want to overdo it, as an internet user I am well aware that ads are the bane of many people’s surfing. I would ask that, if you are running an ad-blocker, you add this domain to your exclusion list and I promise I won’t go overboard with the ads. If you do spot an ad which you think is inappropriate or just doesn’t suit the site then please let me know and I’ll see if I can exclude it somehow.

Disclaimers and Copyright

The opinions and ideas expressed on this website are my own and not reflective of the opinions of any other entities (except where cited).

All text, designs and artwork are my own work and published under a Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, Attribution license, except where otherwise stated. This means that you can use any of the material published on this site for any purpose except a commercial one (eg putting one of my designs on a T-shirt or similar, or publishing an article of mine from the site in a commercially available printed medium) as long as I’m attributed (usually a link back to the source page on this site or a byline will be sufficient) and the same license is applied to any derivative works. If you’re not sure please get in touch. Permission to use my work in commercial products can also be discussed, please contact me by email in these cases.

Any personal data submitted through this site is not stored anywhere else and is not passed on to any third parties. Purchases in the Merch section will be made through a third party and you should read their policy regarding the use and distribution of personal data provided to them (link incoming)