Completed Lineart Samples

This is a gallery of the lineart PDFs I have available for download, the first 7 are available here (free registration required) and the others will be accessible through my Patreon once I launch it (Soon™). These are all available as A3 PDFs which will print acceptably at A4 size. Considering that they were originally drawn in […]

A bit of Process, Progress and Possible Plans

The doodles just keep coming, and I haven’t played a video game in nearly 2 months.  I’d be worried if I wasn’t having so much fun. I’m up to twenty-eight finished sketches at this point. and am aiming for the round hundred before thinking about how to get a colouring book published, whether to go the […]

Product Prototypes

Bordered and Titled A3 Poster Prototype

This will be a gallery of experimental product mock-ups and prototypes. Feel free to comment and discuss. I’ll be posting a variety of mock-ups and concepts here and your input will be valuable in selecting which one’s go forward to production. M out

Works in Progress

This gallery is where I’ll be posting images of various stages of the vectorising process. I find it interesting to see how a sketch develops as I hand digitise them and the moments when the WiP screenshot matches what I had in my head while sketching are priceless.


This gallery is where I’ll be posting the finished first stage of production for each of my doodles. I generally come up with a composition, roughly blocked out at small scale and nailing down the overall layout. Then I fill it in more or less randomly with the shapes you encounter across my work. The […]