VCV Rack Experiment 002: Fading Between Trigger Streams

Categories: Music

The idea of being able to build a modular system, set it going, and get something interesting and musical out of it without any further input from the user has a deep fascination for me. I keep mulling over ideas of how musically coherent pieces can be created purely from the interactions of the parts of a modular system with little to no input from the creator.

One such idea was to have a melody line starting as a random arpeggio over a limited number of notes and have it gradually cohere into a more regular arpeggio over the course of the piece. Finally culminating at the point where the arpeggios become chords and then back again.

Since starting this experiment, I have noted that there are some new modules out there which may make the whole process much easier, but no matter, I learned a lot in any case and got an interesting composition out of it.

I generate 4 different trigger streams using Impromptu’s Clocked through Branches and four clock dividers then ‘fade’ from one to the next and back using Audible Instruments Keyframer.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the chords idea, but for now, here’s Crossing the Streams. is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve been playing with for a month or two.



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