Captain’s Log 08-01-3301 Chowie Swigert Port

Not much in this Captain’s Log, some RnR was called for and I bounced around a bit but didn’t really come across anything worthy of mention.

I have found an interesting little system though.
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Galactic Meanderings has a Goal

I have been reminded that my other half got a star named after me. Guess where I’m going if I can figure out where it is… Continue reading Galactic Meanderings has a Goal

Captain’s Log 04-01-3301 Lamarr Ring LP 751-1

Welcome to another Captain’s Log.

Did a variety of interesting things today, made some good trades, and built a mod for my joystick. Oh, I took a screenshot too :D Continue reading Captain’s Log 04-01-3301 Lamarr Ring LP 751-1

Captain’s Log 03-01-3301 Wagner Station Ualapalor

The Captain’s log is an ancient tradition of navigators, explorers, merchants, and warriors which I am going to continue here. Until Frontier Developments get their finger out and allow us some sort of API access this is all your going to get. profits and losses, figures, and other gubbins are stuff that I can’t be arsed noting down. Instead, you’ll be getting a hopefully entertaining summary of what I’ve been up to. The title will tell you where I ended up, but not where I’ve been.

Ran a few runs around Eravate building up a cash base so I could upgrade. Don’t ever make the mistake that to be able to perform better at whatever your chosen profession you have to upgrade your ship entirely. I’m still in my Sidewinder, but with a few judicious equipment upgrades I’ve got my laden range over 10ly. It’s always a good idea to get rid of the loaner equipment as soon as you can. It’s heavier than even the basic off the shelf gear and will affect your FSD range.

So I did that and have discovered somewhere I think I might be hanging around for a while. I’ve found a supply of silver and a fairly local demand. So I’ll be plying this run until it dries up.

Next ship upgrade is a hauler, larger loads means better margins, means quicker getting my Cobra. That’s a ways off yet though, will have to do a few silver runs in the Sidewinder first…

Cmdr Mandrill

A New Beginning, A New Game

I have discovered the joy of flying a starship again. It may be a humble Sidewinder, and I may be doing nothing more glamourous than flying from place to place making what money in trade and courier missions that I can. But it is joyful so far in a way that EVE stopped being a long time ago. There are things missing, naturally, but it makes up for it by making even hopping between systems repeatedly entertaining.

I will be using this blog to chronicle my journeys, thoughts, speculations, and experiences as I play this new game and as such a redesign is in the off. Playing around with ideas at the moment but it will be in keeping with the new direction as much as I can manage.

This is not the thrill of the new, I can feel that in my bones. I will enjoy this game for as long as I have EVE, and hope to explore as much of the galaxy as I can.

You can learn more about Elite: Dangerous on their website.

Watch this space for developments.

Cmdr Mandrill

Happiness – We Don’t Need “God”

These posts talking about god, religion, and happiness, of which there may be a few, are me attempting to articulate something I’ve been thinking about and meditating on for a while. I’ve got jottings in my Moleskine and a collection of post-its which are in no particular order and which I will be drawing on for the content of these posts. As a result, I may end up rambling a little but will certainly try and stay roughly on topic within the bounds of each post. This post develops my thoughts on the nature of what we call “God” and why the concept should be discarded.

A lot of my thinking along these lines was prompted by the work of Karen Armstrong, particularly The Great Transformation, and The Case for God. She articulates some of the ideas that I’m building on with far greater skill that I could, but then she’s been thinking along these lines for longer ;D I only have ebooks of these works at the moment, so it’s tricky to provide references. I’ll be looking into getting dead-tree versions and annotating them at some point. This may eventually lead to a little more coherence.

PLEASE, do comment, question, and critique this. As with everything in life, it is a work in progress.

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Happiness – First Steps

A big topic, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

At first I didn’t realise that it’s what I was thinking about. I thought I was thinking about making the world better, about making myself and everyone else better human beings.

I was thinking, specifically, about developing a rationale for morality which didn’t involve any necessity for a personalised deity, an atheistic religious life if you will (Don’t worry we’ll get to that ;D). This was prompted by Karen Armstrong’s book, The Great Transformation. It’s subject is the development, at about the same time in our history and independently, of the moral and ethical frameworks of the world’s great religions. The point at which we moved from the supplication of nature spirits as a matter of survival, to wondering what our purpose was. That purpose, according to every world religion was, and is, to become better people. To become closer to “God”.

Better is such a subjective term though, and “God” has all sorts of issues, but any language we have can’t get across what we’re really aiming for. The idea of  “God”, is just another term for something we can never comprehend or understand. Whatever picture we have in our minds of what “God” is, it can never be sufficient. It is not something we can truly comprehend, but all the major world religions agree, there exists something of it within us. We are part of the universe, and the universe is part of us. What  we’re really talking about, some theologians came to think (mainly those in the eastern traditions of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism), was The Ultimate Reality. The thing that allows everything that exists, to exist. From the tiniest subatomic particle, to the ideas that swim through our minds. It isn’t something that can be personalised, measured, described, and codified at all, let alone easily. And the misinterpretation of historical attempts to do so have caused us to traumatise ourselves.

This is how I have started healing my spiritual trauma. I gave up the apparently pointless rituals of church on Sunday morning as a teenager, but have not found a good enough rationale for morality in pure reason and objectivity. I abandoned the idea of a personalised deity because I couldn’t understand how a benevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient creature could allow us to keep on being so bad at being human. So I went looking for my own rationale, and my own idea of what we really might be talking about when we talk about “God”. This isn’t me finding my way back to anyone’s idea of “God”, this is me figuring out my own, subjective, rationale for an atheistic morality. I found something I think is interesting, but we’ll get to that. I still haven’t explained why the title of the post is “Happiness”, we’ll get to that as well. ;D

Seriously, read the book. There will be more along with more recommended reading as well.

M out

OK, Two Books Then…

I said in the first post after the redesign (available here) that I had the shape of a book in my head and it was going to be non-fiction. I’m not sure if this announcement is a good idea or not but I have the foundations of another possible book forming and this one is fiction.

The fiction work is more daunting as I’m going to have to do some pretty serious research so that it doesn’t clash with the existing canon of the setting. This is going to be interesting. Hopefully I can compartmentalise them so that I don’t end up with bits of one appearing in the other.

Will be posting progress updates and thoughts around the process or writing books so stay tuned. Maybe I’ll see at least one of them to completion this time…

M out