I am Keith Neilson

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A new blog. The initial intimidation of an empty website, and the daunting task of creating things to fill it with. Art, Music, Writing, Thinking. Anything goes, and most of it will be crap. You have been warned.

VCV Rack Composition V: Take Noh

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Something with a bit more structure this time. Building on ideas gained from extensive YouTube viewing and finally making use of the BeatStep Pro to control the patch while recording. Is this Techno? Maybe not. K VCVrack.com is a free and open source modular Eurorack synthesis emulator which I’ve been playing with for a month … Read More

VCV Rack Composition IV: Plucky Little Thing

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Another composition arising from watching Omri’s videos. This stemmed from a video covering the features of The Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator (based on Mutable Instruments hardware Plaits eurorack module) Again, I had not yet invested in my BeatStep Pro at this point, so the manipulation and performance was all done with the mouse. K VCVrack.com … Read More

VCV Rack Composition III: Racing the Robotic Tides

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Following on from the tidal generation patch experiment from previously, I tried arranging things into some sort of composition. This was before I invested in an Arturia BeatStep Pro so had to manipulate everything with the mouse. Having a tactile midi controller makes a huge difference, even for more ambient generative patches where tight timings … Read More

VCV Rack Composition II: Tidal Generator

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This is an experiment following on from watching one of Omri Cohen’s tutorial/module overview videos: The next video is a follow up where I use this sound in a more organised composition. Omri’s YouTube channel has been invaluable in gaining an understanding, not only of the capabilities of VCV Rack and the many modules available … Read More

VCV Rack Composition I: First Recording

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This is my first recording: At this point I was still finding my feet and figuring out what does what. There are so many possiblities that I don’t think I’ll ever explore them all. I have a better understanding now, as you may note from more recent pieces, but it’s a rabbit-hole I could easily … Read More