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So I’ve started streaming fairly regularly on Twitch. Mostly CoD with a few friends from the Primordial Radio community for the moment, but our repertoire of games is gradually expanding and I’m thinking I may reattempt a Mass Effect playthrough (from 1-3, same character), I’m also working through WatchDogs 2 and Borderlands 3 at the moment but haven’t streamed any of either. I may restart WD2 and stream it, now I have a better handle on what I’m doing.

Tuesday’s from 4pm to 6pm: A warmup for the main Primordial Warzone Stream at 6pm.
Saturday’s from 9pm until whenever I get tired, Multiplayer mayhem hosted by Fairest Gorilla and streamed by a few of us.

Those are the only regular streams for the moment, but I might stream at random on occasion. Go give me a follow on twitch to be notified when I’m live and come join the chat. Still working on overlays and alerts etc, but it’s beginning to come together.


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