Support the Artist

So here’s the begging page. Sorry, but it has to be done. When I first started out publishing stuff on the internet it was considered bad form to ask for tips or financial support from the people coming to your website. The internet was young and naive then, a trade of links was considered enough, and a meagre income was eked from affiliate ads.

The purpose of this site is to primarily to provide an outlet for my doodling but it has running costs. These may be inconsequential for the moment but eventually bills are going to come due. As I explain elsewhere, my full-time job only really covers my living expenses, with nothing left for extras or to save.

I also have plans and ideas for the future of my doodling, plans which will require some capital outlay in order to come to fruition. I’d quite like to develop my skills as an artist into other media. I’m certainly considering producing some large canvases of my work and have considered sculpture as well as animation. I’m determined to explore every avenue that my idle doodling might take me down, and wherever this takes me, I’ll be taking you with me.

I also want to be able to provide for my family above and beyond what I get paid for my full time, minimum-wage, job, and have enough left at the end of a week to either save or treat ourselves a little. If you’d lived our life for the last year you wouldn’t deny that we deserved it.

I could plaster the site with ads, but  I don’t want to. The look of my site is important to me and I don’t want to bombard my patrons with irrelevant adverts, not even for the pennies it will bring in. The only ads you will ever see here are for my own work, or for the work of other artists who I have found on my travels around the web. I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that the best and most efficient way to earn a living online as a creative person, is to go direct to the people who consume and appreciate your efforts.

That would be you, dear reader. You are the consumers of my art. You may like it, you may not, either way you have still experienced it, and gained something (if only a sense of revulsion) from it. If you like it enough to want me to be able to make more of it, and better, then please consider one of the options below.

There are a few ways you can show your support for me as an artist:

The first, and most expensive, way to show your support is to buy a signed print of one of my finished pieces. Each one will be unique, edited slightly before being sent for printing, and hand signed and numbered by myself. Each print of each finished piece is £100 and this includes delivery to the UK, EEA/EU, and USA/Canada (delivery is available to elsewhere in the world but may incur an additional cost). Please contact me if you are interested in buying any signed prints. All finished pieces are limited to 50 signed prints of each, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Another way is to buy a product that features my work. This includes any unsigned prints or posters. These products will be cheaper than the prints and will be shipped direct to your by the company producing them. Delivery rates will vary depending on the site and where they are shipping to, and these are outside my control. As I finish pieces I’ll have more source material from which to produce designs for products other than prints. I’ll be providing links to all the places you can purchase these as I go so do keep checking back.

Current On-Demand Outlets:

  • – Prints of various sizes on a variety of media. Select the work you want to have printed and options will be presented on the right.
  • More coming

I will also be running occassional campaigns for one off, limited edition products featuring designs based on my work. These will be mainly promoted on Facebook and Twitter, so like and follow for frequent updates.

If you have enough stuff cluttering up your life, but still want to show your support by buying me a coffee or something you can leave me a tip of any value here or use the tip button at the top of the sidebar. on the right.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you for visiting my page.

M out.