About Doodles by Mandrill

Welcome. This is Doodles by Mandrill. Its the place where I will be posting finished works available as prints, work in progress images and reports, and initial sketches. To learn more about my process and thinking about my art please see here.

About Me

My name is Keith. I’ve been pluttering about on the internet, publishing a variety of written work on a range of subjects for nearly 20 years. The majority of this work is lost to the ether at this point after multiple moves and server migrations interspersed with hard drive failures. Some of my writing was published in print in EVE Online’s companion print magazine EON, if you can find it. I live in Central Scotland with the love of my life and our cat, where I strive to keep body and soul together by whatever means are available.

For the last 40 years of my life I have cast about for purpose and direction. It is only recently that I believe I have found it in my doodles. I could quite happily spend the rest of my life producing these doodles and works derived from them.

Why Am I Doing This?

The main reason is because I enjoy it. Producing my doodles and the works derived from them fulfills me. And though I don’t really want to bring politics and economics into this, it cannot really be avoided. I work in an unfulfilling full-time job, for minimum wage, and while I’m just about managing to eke our a living from this I have absolutely¬†nothing¬†left after the necessities are taken care of.

This is what this is for. I’d like to be able to afford to provide my partner, my cat, and myself with the standard of living I believe they deserve. I’d like to have something put away for my dotage and not have to rely too heavily on a state which may not provide the same level of support to my generation as it does to previous ones.

So, as I’m going to be doodling, and completing finished works from said doodles, I might as well see if I can make a little extra income from them. If I can financially replace my full-time job with doodling then that would be great, if not a little extra spending money and money for savings would go a long way to improving our lives. There is also no greater validation for an artist or creator and their work than to have people appreciate it. I totally understand if that appreciation doesn’t stretch to making a purchase, but a tip or even a comment has a similar effect.

So in answer; I’m doing this because I enjoy it and could use the extra cash. They say that your should find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. This only holds true if people are willing to pay you to do the thing that you love. I’m hoping that there are people out there who are.

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