Completed Lineart Samples

This is a gallery of the lineart PDFs I have available for download, the first 7 are available here (free registration required) and the others will be accessible through my Patreon once I launch it (Soon™).

These are all available as A3 PDFs which will print acceptably at A4 size. Considering that they were originally drawn in a Moleskine, slightly smaller than A5, it shouldn’t cause too much in the way of eye strain colouring them at A4 size 😉

IV: Cacophanous Harmonies

Cacophanous Harmonies

IV – Cacophanous Harmonies

Like rocks in a stream, complex forms cause tubrulences, eddies, and whirlpools of drag in the flow. Currents collect and collide matter and form and a stability emerges from the chaos of change and motion.

The currents stretch and spin and splice new forms from those created by less complex and frequent collisions of a previous age. A term that now makes sense as the number of interactions occurring in the same moment stretches each moment to fit. What once was timeless and instantaneous has now been in existence longer than any sensible lifespan as we would understand such.

From outside in the cold, abyssal void, nothing has changed, and not an instant has passed. The something is nothing but a flash, a fleeting scratch that is there and gone so swiftly it can hardly have been said to have been there at all.

But inside the flash, the scratch stretches and distorts time as form shifts and fluctuates. Past giving rise to present, and opening future possibilities.

Amalgams of form collect in the meetings of currents, and the confluences of eddies. Squeezed by pressures into globes of seething matter. Splitting, colliding, connecting and conjoining in their turn. Until from even this chaos a stability of uniformity develops.

The forms evolve, paths diverging according to the necessities of environment and the pressures of time. Difference drives further change, keeping each moment stretched further than the last, all stretching the instant after which the nothing swallows it all once more.

Cacophanous Harmonies, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from

III: Entwintement


III – Entwinement

In the maelstrom of things that are ejected from the mouth of a void that isn’t, a chaos of collisions and conjoinments ensues. Simple begetting complex shapes and forms as one is added or subtracted to or from another.

Forms can be traced by their past interactions. A section missing here, a compound shape there. Sutractions and additions of space and energy promulgate across the brief instant of the something’s traversal through the nothing.

Movement and change give expression to time, within the realm where they occur. The nothing beyond remaining timeless and writhing, unmoving and unchanging at the edge of comprehension. It waits for an unending moment before consuming and absorbing the ejecta of chaos and motion.

That moment is nothing to the Void. It does not pass, because there is not time for it to do so. Ah, but in the chaos and energy of the fleeting flood of matter and energy, it is an eternity. Eon upon eon in which to grow, evolve, collide, deform, detatch, reform and combine. An endless dance of destruction and creation.

The driver of this dance, as it ever was, is difference. Density gradients, across a wide range of esoteric measures of energy and mass, velocity and inertia. Cause movement from high to low, fast to slow, hot to cold.

Rivers of change flow from instant to instant. Entangling each other and themselves. Capturing stray energy and matter, combining and splitting off in unending estuaries, deltas and tributaries. Linking previously unconnected concepts, ideas, forms and natures. Allowing them to cross-combine and compete. Their differences driving the forces of change and growth in each other.

Entwinement, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from

II: Emanative Confluentials


II – Emanative Confluentials

After the end, there was an uncountably infinite instant of nothing. Ultimate peace, tranquillity and stagnation. And then there was a beginning. There was nothing for this beginning to spring from, so it sprang from that.

In the beginning, before, and after, time, matter, and mind, there was Void, and Voids within that Void. Spaces in the nothing that were empty even of nothing. Time was not, there was no motion, change, or even rest.

In the frantic stillness of Void, the spaces within it, their static movements causing nothing in their wake, would, on occasion, vomit forth streams of matter, shape, energy, and motion. These rivers of something would be swiftly consumed by other nothings, but not before entire worlds were born and destroyed in their timeless and instant passage through the Void.

The chaos and frenetic life of motion and energy can only be imagined in the mind’s eye, the shapes it throws forth into the imaginings of man can only ever be shapes. Wordless metaphors for subconscious thoughts and ideas that defy language. They are their own language, and when rendered into ours it is only by metaphor that we are able to express them. Those metaphors need not be words…

Emanative Confluentials, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered canvas prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from

I: Sinusotic Chaotica


The Cosmos ends, as it always does, with an extended whimpering of energy. The heat fades, matter decays and fragments. Differentials lose their difference and all becomes one. Motionless, heatless, lightless. At peace.

The last ripples from the last dying supermassive singularities flow out and out, until finally there is nothing left to flow through. The dying gasp of a universe, breathing out into the infinite abyss.

A final order is imposed. Entropy ceases as there is no more chaos to tame. With no change, no motion, no diversity of energies. Time becomes meaningless and every instant identical.

It ends, as all things must when they stagnate in their similarity. The life of the cosmos is change and difference, it only ends when everything is the same and the diversity is gone.

Sinusotic Chaotica, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered canvas prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from

Finished Works – Prints Available

Here are my finished pieces.

Signed and numbered prints are limited to 50 per finished work and are priced at £100 each.

This includes:

  • One signed and numbered print unique to you. Each print will be subtly different from the other 49 in the run, but will retain the general appearance of the originals posted here.
  • Shipping to me for signing and numbering by hand.
  • Shipping to you anywhere in the UK, EEA/EU, or USA/Canada.

Contact me in order to place your order or if you live outside of those areas.