New Finished Lineart – 02/07/2017

I really need to get into the habit of posting these as they are finished, but here are the pieces of lineart that I’ve finished since I released the 7 free PDFs. These will be available to download to all my patrons on Patreon once I launch it, though comments here  are welcome 🙂 Read More »

Completed Lineart Samples

This is a gallery of the lineart PDFs I have available for download, the first 7 are available here (free registration required) and the others will be accessible through my Patreon once I launch it (Soon™).

These are all available as A3 PDFs which will print acceptably at A4 size. Considering that they were originally drawn in a Moleskine, slightly smaller than A5, it shouldn’t cause too much in the way of eye strain colouring them at A4 size 😉