A Word About ‘Doodles’

I doodle. Those of you who follow me on FB will have seen my latest output. And there doesn’t seem to be any end to it for now. Some have taken issue with me calling them ‘doodles’ when, admittedly, the level of detail, the time, and the apparent effort, put into these ‘simple’ scribblings qualifies them as art. Or at the very least, craft. I hope to explain some of the reason for my collecting of them under this moniker in this post (and finally post some of the finished pencils I have so far.)
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New year, same old me.

Nosce Te Ipsum

While many take the opportunity to reinvent themselves at the turn of the year. striving to follow societal norms that are increasingly meaningless. I, on the other hand, look back on the past year, at my trials and triumphs, and try to figure out what I’ve learned about myself.

You see, we don’t need a new ‘me’, we simply need to learn to know the existing one better and be accepting of our talents and limitations, recognising where they can be improved, or stretched.

You don’t need a new you, the you you are is perfect as it is. Get to know it.