Theme Progress

Work on the custom theme for this blog progresses. As I mentioned last post I’m developing it on an AMPPS (v3.6)server running on Windows 10 and basing it on the Blankslate theme with Fakerpress dummy content.

Just HTML and CSS at the moment to get the layout and typography sorted out and after that I’ll be digging into the PHP of the theme and sorting out template tags. The plan will then be to add some jQuery goodness to get some nice (IMO) UX features.

Here’s a WIP screenshot.
blog-wipIt’s a fairly standard blog layout at the moment, but this will be changing. My plan is to have the navigation at the top display different versions of the loop where appropriate

  • Home will be the main feed of everything posted, the standard front page of any blog.
  • Posts will be for blog posts only and will only display the Posts category. Posts will be tagged with more granular information about the content.
  • Stream will be where my stream resides. Still figuring out how to integrate Twitch with WordPress and I’d like the nav link to have some sort of ‘On-air’ indicator. The stream content will include an archive of past streams and information about scheduling.
  • Articles will be longer form pieces. I’d like to make these WordPress Pages if at all possible, but also have them appear in chronological order as part of the main blog feed. I also need to figure out how to get them to display on their own as posts would on the front page, with all the same information.
  • Merch will be where I’ll be offering things like mugs, t-shirts, etc for sale. This may also act as a showcase for any design work I do, with a mind to making it available as merch. I may have some sort of rating system for my designs so I can see how much interest there would be in merch featuring it.
  • The search box in the sidebar will be removed and the main search will only search within the selected category (Home, Posts, Stream, Articles or Merch) I’ll also be removing the search box at the top of the category and tag display pages and everything will go through the main search in the header.
  • The sidebar will also change content dependent on the selected navigation option and will eventually be hideable with JS.

I have a masthead designed as well:

twitch-headerI’ll be adapting this design in a variety of ways for inclusion on some merch. The motto is latin and says “Amabit sapiens, cupient caeteri”. Attributed to Horace, a roman poet, ~65-8 BC, and translates as:

Wise men love, others are mere lechers

I’ll have more to say about this in a later post or article.

Let me know what you think of the design so far and if there are any glaring issues that jump out. I realise there may be issues for some with the choice of palette and will be looking into ways to provide the option of an inverted version which is black on white to reduce eye strain.

As ever, comments are open.

M out

*THUD* *THUD* Is This Thing On?

Hello there.

Welcome, if you’ve never been to before, and welcome back if you have.

As you can see there’s not much here at the moment, sorry about that. My archives did not survive multiple moves, and a new PC. You wait years for a HDD to go and then three go at once. Such is life in the chaos that we call reality.

This was a blog about EVE Online, and it still will be occasionally and possibly tangentially, but it will mainly be about whatever is floating about in my head at any given time. I’ll be transcribing my Moleskines, or selections from them, to this site, and my attempts at poetic expression will also find a home here. I’ll also be writing randomly on a variety of philosophical subjects, expounding my worldview, and putting forward some thoughts on how we all could be better at being better. Discussion is always welcome, but my word is law and when I put my foot down, I mean it.

This will also be the portal to any streaming I may be doing in future. I have an idea for a streaming project that I’m researching at the moment and this will probably kick off in the new year.

I will also be posting some of my design work, and merch will be available through a to-be-selected print on demand service and occasional campaigns.

The design is looking a bit too minimal at the moment, sorry. I’m currently working on a more personalised design for the site. I’m doing this on a locally installed AMPPS server and starting with the Blankslate theme and Fakerpress to fill it with random content.

I’m at the stage of laying everything out and getting the look the way I want it before messing about with what goes where and whizbangy jquery doo-dads. It’s not quite screenshot ready as yet, but it’s getting there. I do enjoy pissing about with HTML and CSS 😉

I’m eventually aiming for something responsive, but I may just cheat and install a plugin that does it for me. This will mean that it’ll look different on a phone, but should look the same on a tablet in portrait at least.

Comments are open, say hi.

M out