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So much for creating and posting things. Oh well, adapt and survive…

These are certainly interesting times we are living in. I have not left the house, apart from to travel to and from work, in 2 weeks. I miss my Xbox, since it has started serving to maintain the sanity of others in our overcrowded flat.

The urge to create is there, but not the energy or focus required. A state of hyper-vigilance is not conducive to creating. I find myself unable to do much else but scroll through socials, read, play daft phone games, and try and corral the squirrels currently loose in my head.

I know this is still here. Taunting me with it’s dearth of content. At the moment I just don’t have the energy or attention-span to fill it. I may get the logjam moving by transcribing some of my srcibblings from the last few years, but I’m not promising anything.



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