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Geldingadalur Volcano at Night
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Current overwhelming obsession:

The Geldingadalur Volcano in Iceland. Two new vents have confirmed to have opened this morning and it looks like the entire ridge that the fissure lies under is about to unzip. There was the drama of watching a pilot land a small aircraft on the field in front of one of the vents yesterday morning, and it remains a spectacular sight at night.

Random ideas that are fermenting at the moment:

Deckbuilder game ideas; I’ve been playing a lot of Slay the Spire and Monster Train recently. Being able to play the full Xbox versions on my tablet while in bed has been wonderful. I think Xbox are setting the pace with the streaming games service.
I have a couple of concepts in mind, one is the birth and growth of an AI, from emergence to apotheosis, and constructing a deck (your ‘personality’) as you face the trials of growth and evolution as the first intelligence of your kind. In the second you take on the role of a Svengali figure building a band from their garage to rock superstardom, and your deck is built as you face the many (exaggerated and mythical) difficulties of making it in the music industry.
Knowing where to start with these is the stumbling block here.

Streaming; I tried streaming for a bit last year, but found chasing numbers a bit disheartening. The current home environment is not ideal either, being a touch on the overcrowded and noisy side. I have been toying with a couple of streaming ideas though and am considering getting the groundwork done, such as overlays, transitions and such, before thinking about how to get back into it. I think variety will be the way to go, not focusing entirely on gaming, with a bit of chat and music thrown in.
One streaming idea I’ve been toying with is live modular synth patching in VCV rack, where I take suggestions from the viewers as to what modules/settings/connections to use and see what madness ensues…
My other half and myself have also been thinking about doing a DJ/chat stream with our eclectic and wide ranging tastes in music. DJ controllers are fairly cheap second hand, it may be worth a look in Cash Converters…

I think that’s me exhausted my well of writing for today. I’m now going to see if I can’t figure out why I can no longer connect to my Xbox from my PC…



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