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Undulating Conspiracies (A3, Fineliner)

Technospinal Intersections (A3, Fineliner)

Orthographic Spectrality (A3, Fineliner)

Circularity II (A3, Fineliner)

Cacophanous Harmonies (A3, Fineliner)

Circularity I (A3, Fineliner)

Operation Confused Wookie

From Beneath Us…(A3, Fineliner)

Memetic Consummation (A3, Linework)

Grasping the Crucible (A3, Linework)

Lost in Expression (A3, Linework)

Art in Extremis (A3, Linework)

Refuge/Cage – Cage/Refuge (A3, Linework)

**LAST WEEK FOR PRE-ORDERS** – Looped Transmission (Digital Vector)

Gestational Culmination (A3, Linework)

Compositional Sythetiphage (A3, Linework)

Summer Lotus [Mandala 004] (Fineliner, Marker)

The Guiding Hand

Mandala PDF Colouring Pages Now Available


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